Welcome to race-database.com, the first site that will offer complete statistics for every major racing series. These data include what are considered complete box scores, including data on sponsors, chassis, and lap leaders that are not available on many sites. Although some sites have complete coverage for a set of one or more of these series, none has complete coverage of elite races in multiple racing disciplines. This site is intended for the general racing fan, who wants results for all major races, all in one place.

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Claude Laurent - 80
Georges Schäfer - 78
Les Delano - 77
Claude Haldi - 73
Charles Barrett - 71
Maurice Randall - 63
Steve Hyde - 58
Hideki Okada - 57
Ken Johnson - 53
Dominic Chappell - 49
Giuseppe Cirò - 40
Adam Pecorari - 31
Bradley Smith - 25
Mason Mingus - 21
Chase Elliott - 20

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