Welcome to race-database.com. Founded in 2007 by Sean Wrona, this site contains complete results for most of the world's major league racing series through the end of the 2015 season when Wrona went on an indefinite hiatus to focus on his book on the history of competitive typing and Racermetrics, his spinoff sister website where he developed advanced auto racing analyses.

If you have visited here in the years since, you may have noticed that most of the pages weren't functioning. Unfortunately, during the years Wrona was inactive, the PHP 5 code he used for his database was deprecated and some of the functions he used were no longer readable by today's browsers as a result, which made none of the statistical tables appear on the website and also most of the pages did not properly display the site's visual design due to another error in code. Late in 2022, Wrona finally got around to restoring the site exactly as it appeared in 2015 when he abandoned the project. He may at some point return to active archiving and/or add some of his advanced statistics to the standings tables for individual series, but he doesn't view that as a top priority for the time being and would rather put most of his online auto racing efforts into Racermetrics. However, he didn't do all this work to have it completely inaccessible to everyone so he did decide to finally restore it.

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Happy birthday:

Gerry Ashmore - 86
John Macaluso - 70
Joey Arrington - 66
Frank Fleming - 63
Franz Engstler - 61
Jerry Hill - 61
John Mayes - 59
Curtis Francois - 58
Guillaume Gomez - 53
Mike Hezemans - 53
Naoki Matsudo - 49
Kenny Roberts, Jr. - 49
Michael Wainwright - 49
Mark Noske - 47
Toni Vilander - 42
Nicolas Misslin - 40
Shelby Howard - 37
Nelson Piquet, Jr. - 37
Yonny Hernández - 34
Mark Jensen - 33

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