About race-database.com

Sean Wrona, Webmaster of race-database.com, earned his master's in applied statistics from Cornell University in 2008 and a bachelor's in economics also from Cornell in 2007. He started this site because of the surprising lack of statistical references across different disciplines of motorsport. In addition to this site and its sister site Racermetrics, he has written for three defunct sites: HK's RaceDay, StockCarReview, and most notably Motorsports Analytics, the auto racing analytics site run by RFK Racing analyst David Smith. Outside of racing, Wrona is an accomplished competitive typist, having won twenty typing championships, most notably Ultimate Typing Championship at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas. In September 2021, he published his first book about the scene, Nerds per Minute: A History of Competitive Typing and he is presently working on a book ranking the top 1,000 drivers in auto racing history. Additionally, he is the current ratings compiler and former statistician of the Mensa Scrabble-by-Mail SIG and achieved an expert tournament rating. You can contact him at sean.wrona@gmail.com.

Dan Therre, Wrona's high school classmate, designed the logo that was introduced in January 2012.

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